Tuesday, October 6, 2009

If It's Halloween, It Must be "Sigh"

I logged into my YouTube account this afternoon and they were advertising the new "Saw" movie coming out this October. Before I start ranting about how they've screwed up the series, I want you to know that I was once a supporter of the franchise, and 1 through 4 were admittedly good horror flicks. Each sequel delved deeper into the characters involved in the previous films, and they kept you intrigued.

Last October I remember surrendering to the hype of "Saw V," and I ended up purchasing a ticket to see it (bad decision). The decision to have David Hackl, who was the production designer for "Saw" 2 through 4, was a direct misfire. It seemed that everything I loved about the franchise had been replaced by stale acting, an empty plot, and a plodding pace. Watching "Saw V" reminded me of my experience with "Starship Troopers 2," it was a shameful attempt at furthering a once exciting story-- and it was absolutely pointless. I could almost hear the "Saw" producers laughing at me as I sat through that piece of junk.

After I viewed the newest trailer on the official "Saw VI" website, I was surprised when a feeling of anticipation came over me (the promoters really know how to get you excited for the next installment). Everything was in place: the choppy glimpses of the new traps, some screaming like "I'm not going to do it!" and "No please! Don't kill me!" and the obligatory "I'd like to play a game..."

I was semi-excited, I'm not going to lie, so I decided to view the restricted clip from the film on the website. What I viewed felt rather familiar, a group of people were strapped into a trap pleading for the lone "player" to save them. As I continued watching the clip, my excitement started to dwindle. 30 seconds into it, I was greeted by cardboard acting! If you can't act like someone who is fighting for their life, then why are you acting?! That's the most basic human instinct... you shouldn't even have to act!

If you're at all curious, check out the restricted clip at the "Saw VI" official website.

A part of me wants to watch the new "Saw" flick just so I can say that I've seen them all, but it's honestly a dead horse. Come up with a new gimmick please! Give me a compelling reason to watch this film!

Don't believe the hype!


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