Thursday, October 8, 2009

Check Your Candy

Since I'm probably not going to see "Saw VI," this Halloween, I'm happy that there is another option for me. There's an independently made horror movie entitled "Trick 'r Treat" which is directed by Michael Dougherty. The film was supposed to be released in October of 2007, but it was pushed back until now. I'm pretty speculative about straight-to-DVD movies (because they're mostly LAME), but I'm excited to see this!

The film adopts the tablet of "Tales from the Hood" (that's the only thing I can compare it to, sorry), but from what I hear, it actually has a decent presentation to it.

"Trick 'r Treat" features four separate stories all taking place on Halloween night; the thing tying them together is a trick-or-treater who shows up in each episode. Each story addresses what happens to those who do not follow the traditions of Halloween.

I've viewed the trailer for this film and I must say that it looks very well done. "Trick 'r Treat" seems to effectively apply the atmosphere of the Halloween season to film (it's reminiscent of Goosebump's "The Haunted Mask," only better)-- there's a lot of creepy imagery, and of course werewolves and vampires. The movie looks like it will meet the expectations of any true horror fan.

I'm not sure, but I don't think there's ever been a film that pays homage to the old traditions of Halloween, and what happens if you don't follow them. Some of the traditions include: "Wear a costume," "hand out candy," and of... "check your candy," and it'll be fun to watch the ugly consequences play out, I'm sure.

Check out the HD trailer for yourself and be the judge!

This movie looks intense, and I will definitely have to check it out... I may even have to buy it!


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