Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Sci-Fi (I mean SyFy) Channel Needs Some Serious Help

I have fond memories of watching cool sc-fi and scary movies on the Sci-Fi Channel. Their programming consisted of really fun TV shows, like "The Outer Limits," the original spin-off series for "Stargate," and some classic horror and sci-fi movies. The channel was full of imagination and creativity that would inspire any kid to want to write his/her own story with fantastical creatures. The Sc-Fi Channel was full of great material that sci-fi and horror fans alike could enjoy, and then the worst happened...

In 2009, the Sci-Fi Channel decided to change its name to SyFy. They replaced their planetary logo with a simplified (and kindergarten-ish, see picture on left) logo that really doesn't do a good job at representing the programming on the channel. Secondly, they changed the spelling of "sc-fi" to "SyFy." Why the heck would you do such a thing? The universal acronym for "science fiction" is "sci-fi," not "SYFY!" Not only was their logo different, their programming was also changing. SyFy's shows cover a lot of ground (not really a good thing for Sci-Fi or horror fans). The channel's like a TLC for a tiny niche that many people would be embarrassed to admit to being a part of.

I suppose only time will tell if the new SyFy (channel) will be as successful as its predecessor. I don't hate the channel, but I wish that they would have kept their logo and some of their classic programming. I can definitely do without the lazy "Ghost Hunters" show and its many variations. I must admit though, I do enjoy laughing at the SyFy original movies like "Ice Spiders" and "Sharks In Venice." Where else could you watch movies like that? Nowhere else but on SyFy (SIIIIFEEEEE!!)

On the channel's website, they're currently allowing viewers to name the next original movie from SyFy. The movie is about Medieval knights who must fight an evil spirit that had been living in a relic. I figured I'd help them out in the creativity arena (since their well has run dry) and I contributed to the contest. Let's see what happens in March when SyFy choose the title for the movie. The winner gets a camera, a computer, and an amateur's movie-making kit!

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